The Mekong River


26 thoughts on “The Mekong River

  1. I love the way you’ve captured the storm with the choppy water and the rain falling. It’s really atmospheric, and looks so beautiful in black and white.

  2. This is excellent – I really like the way you can see small human forms in the boats in the distance, it adds a human touch and brings home the feeling of being out on the water in the rain.

  3. Who would have thought an art picture could come from a downpour. I’m going to be more observant from now on! You definately have an artistic talent, keep up the good work! Thank you Phil for the inspiration and visiting my blog.

  4. I spent some time along the Mekong about 45 years ago. You have nailed the rain. Wonderful photograph. The balance in the composition shows you have a mature eye.

  5. What a fabulous and powerful photo! I FEEL the rain watching this!!!
    – And thanks for stopping by my blog (a while ago :-) )

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