The Accident

I accidentally captured this image while driving through the suburbs of Los Angeles. I literally pointed the camera out the car window and this was the product! I spent the next hour pointing my lens at different objects with backlighting of the sun.


16 thoughts on “The Accident

  1. You were indeed lucky to catch the sun right at the corner of the nexus of the wooden cross. Magic happens.

    By coincidence, yesterday I photographed a local wildflower with the sun behind it, but that alignment was planned rather than fortuitous, and I had to be careful not to let my eye or the camera’s sensor look right at the sun.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. This “accident” just proves that you have to take your camera with you everywhere. Probably even sleep with it! I used to do all the driving before getting involved in photography again. Now my wife does most of it and I sit in the passenger seat, my head out the window, my camera poised. Good thing she’s patient and supports my “addiction”. Oh, love your accident, by the way!

    • These days I’ve started taking my camera with me to a lot of different places and sometimes a nice picture is the product. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Not all interesting images result from hours of preparation. Just shows you’ve got to go with your instinct, even when that says point randomly. Had an instructor tells us once he twists up his camera strap, sets the shutter on time release, hits the button and lets the camera strap unwind. He never knows what the image will look like but it’s always interesting and gives him a new perspective.

  4. I never appreciated the aesthetics of a photo like this until I married a civil engineer, who finds art in his camera lens in the most mundane but surprising places. Your accidental photo reminds me of one he would love. Enjoy cultivating your photography lessons, even amidst the chemistry and the Shakespeare! Or maybe especially in their midst!

  5. What a wonderful accident. As some have mentioned – always carry a camera. That was always my motto and I am getting back to it. There have been a couple times recently when I left it home for someone to use and missed a few terrific photo ops. I wrote a post about serendipity ( ‎) – your photo could have been front and center in that post. Great job!

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